Kudos PHP Programmers!

The demand for PHP programmers are in raise as reported by oDesk.“Employers around the world who rely on mission-critical product development and building out their IT infrastructure have spoken,” said oDesk CEO, Gary Swart. “Open Source technology, led by PHP and MySql, is by far the skill set in highest demand today.” Check this link


Mozilla Firefox turns 4


Mozilla firefox turned 4 on 9th November 2008. Even with just 4 years of development , firefox looks so mature and also captured 20% of the market globally and is the second most popular browser after Internet Explorer. Right now it supports more than 45 languages. Its available for most kinds of operating system Microsoft, Macintosh, Linux. Mozilla Firefox was initially called Pheonix and later as Firebird and later as Mozilla Firebird and finally it became popular to the world as Mozilla Firefox. Not yet tried firefox, download it here- Download Mozilla

That’s cheeky. A good question, but cheeky.

“That’s cheeky. A good question, but cheeky,” Ballmer said when he was questioned
“Why is IE still relevant and why is it worth spending money on rendering engines when there are open source ones available that can respond to changes in Web standards faster?” at the “Power to Developers event”, Sydney by one of his student constituents. After providing philosophically based answer to one he also said Microsoft may also adopt an open source browser engine. You heard it right, Microsoft might be open to Open Source