Software Developer’s Helpers

  • If you need to write a most common functionality or utility. plz dont try to start from scratch. there is a very good chance that its implemented in your preferred programming language already by someone and shared in github. try to check github and if found, i usually go with the most starred repository.
  • Github – try learning coding by looking at others code
  • Powershell – i use this all the time to search files, contents inside files, regex file contents in windows
  • Learn a scripting language, if you are from .net or java background, (i use python) –  a general purpose language, it will help to validate ur logic quickly, build utilities
  • Learn regex – will help you to search fast, do complicated searches, both in your app code and in editors
  • Use and Learn vim –  you can script ur editor itself, helps to extract parts of ur file, contents, lines easily using regex
  • Contribute to open source code (in github) even if its small utility – helps to build your profile
  • Try anserwing questions in stackoverflow
  • Read insteresting questions and answers from stackoverflow
  • Read, follow hackernews, reddit, subreddit religiously eg: