Kudos PHP Programmers!

The demand for PHP programmers are in raise as reported by oDesk.“Employers around the world who rely on mission-critical product development and building out their IT infrastructure have spoken,” said oDesk CEO, Gary Swart. “Open Source technology, led by PHP and MySql, is by far the skill set in highest demand today.” Check this link


Search Wiki & U Rank


Wiki is a page/site where the end-user can interact with the rendered page, change few settings, edit contents and so on. Now Google has come up with something called Search Wiki, where you can re-order or re-arrange your search results which helps Google to know your preference and priority. This info about your preference is used by the company to render you better personalized search results and the my guess is that the system would keep performing better as we interact more & more with the rendered results. You need to be logged in though to use the system.

Microsoft on the other hand has already a research prototype “U RANK” which works in the similar way, you can re-arrange, move up, re-order your rendered search results. You need to be logged in though.

USB 3.0 is ON !

This guy, USB 3.0 known as super speed USB is being built into devices. Earlier this year [aug 2008] intel came up with its specs for USB 3.0 and made it royalty free, so that it would speed-up the development of new systems world-wide. This next generation USB is capable of

  • data-transfer speeds up to 4.8 gigabits per second – that’s 10 times the USB 2.0 speeds
  • expected to offer better power efficiency
  • expected to be backward-compatible with earlier versions of USB
  • Is Brazil a threat to Indian I.T. industry


    Brazil may be next I.T. outsourcing destination. Brazilians are known throughout the world for their football game,  but  also they are being recognized as an I.T. outsourcing destination. Brazil seems to have IT professionals with high degree of technical skills and business savvy.  São Paulo , a South Eastern city in Brazil, have the second-largest community of Java programmers outside of the United States. Brazil has an excellent infrastructure to support banking industry which can be leveraged to support other verticals too. Brazilians claims to be proactive, when it comes to meeting the deadlines on a project. But how well can the Brazilians (they speak Portuguese) communicate with their English speaking clients ? They may have the second-largest community of Java programmers but how much are they relatively strong when compared to Indian Java Programmers ? How realtively-depth is the Brazillians I.T.  techno skills ? These questions, are must but not limited to these alone, needs to be answered before they are considered as an alternative to Indian I.T. outsourcing.

    Indian I.T. Industry losses momentum for the time being :(

    Some good articles on the topic

    India sees slowdown in IT, call center hires

    I.T. Pay takes tiny leaps according to 2008 survey

    Every dark cloud has a silver line -As the economic situation is not that good, companies will have low attrition rates as job hops by the employees would be low/minimal, which is a good factor, to appeal, for companies when they try to hassle a new biz deal. As companies try to bring down the cost on I.T. more work would be outsourced to the offshore side , which  is again a good factor for the industry.