Salesforce to partner with Facebook – faceforce

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My friend Erush has his Skype quote as“Friends Are Worth More Than You Could Ever Imagine”. If you believe that the above quote is just a theory , you will change ur belief system atleast on this, when you discover that ur friend/contact in ur facebook friends list can refer you, for a particular position, to their company and automatically your profile will get listed inside the company’s recruiting app, which is built/run using SalesForce. Sounds Amazing ???

Facebook and [ offers online tools for businesses managing their customer relationships] are going to follow Nokia’s motto “Connecting People”. Yes ! Applications running on infrastructure can be presented on Facebook pages.Through this merge there will be significant change on how business gets done in the enterprise and how people interact with each other.

faceforce screenshot
faceforce screenshot

Time for Microsoft to Buy Netflix?

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Microsoft isn’t afraid to throw big bucks around to get what it wants. And since the company wants in on the digital media market, at some point it may make sense for Microsoft to splurge and buy Netflix, say analysts especially if the company hopes to effectively compete against Apple and Adobe.

More here… , in a nutshell, claims to deliver our mails to our mobile phones by using SMS and NOT BY GPRS. My first reaction on hearing this from Dashrath [the guy who did this presentation] was “Awesome dude”. And Ofcourse not only claims this but does it, I have registered my mobile to recieve my gmail messages. And it works great.A brief explanation delivers u email through SMS, does not require GPRS. You can reply/reply to all through SMS too.
No software installation required.
Just register yourself in or send SMS “SIGNUP to +91 9008666233”
+91 9008666233 is a Banglore,India based number and claims that it wont charge any extra amount apart from your normal SMS tariff.
User can recieve 10 free SMS’s per day – Free Package. Other premium services are offered too. claims that it wont store your message in their server for more than 5 mins. uses Airtel’s support to achieve their target.
Primary Business Model of is through advertisements.