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Wiki is a page/site where the end-user can interact with the rendered page, change few settings, edit contents and so on. Now Google has come up with something called Search Wiki, where you can re-order or re-arrange your search results which helps Google to know your preference and priority. This info about your preference is used by the company to render you better personalized search results and the my guess is that the system would keep performing better as we interact more & more with the rendered results. You need to be logged in though to use the system.

Microsoft on the other hand has already a research prototype “U RANK” which works in the similar way, you can re-arrange, move up, re-order your rendered search results. You need to be logged in though.


Salesforce to partner with Facebook – faceforce

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My friend Erush has his Skype quote as“Friends Are Worth More Than You Could Ever Imagine”. If you believe that the above quote is just a theory , you will change ur belief system atleast on this, when you discover that ur friend/contact in ur facebook friends list can refer you, for a particular position, to their company and automatically your profile will get listed inside the company’s recruiting app, which is built/run using SalesForce. Sounds Amazing ???

Facebook and [ offers online tools for businesses managing their customer relationships] are going to follow Nokia’s motto “Connecting People”. Yes ! Applications running on infrastructure can be presented on Facebook pages.Through this merge there will be significant change on how business gets done in the enterprise and how people interact with each other.

faceforce screenshot
faceforce screenshot

Thank You MS for your BizSpark

You can assume or claim anything like

1. This move [“This move” is explained below] is to spread Microsoft products better to counter attack open source products as they are shaping up greatly.

2. Make startups dependent on Microsoft

3. Compete or overtake Google and Salesforce on their Cloud Computing platform


Microsoft is giving away F R E E software to early stage Web start-up companies as part of their world-wide BizSpark program launched yesterday. BizSpark aims to help start-ups by providing production licenses and technical support for several Microsoft products. The licenses are free for the first three years, after which the start-ups must start to pay. The start-ups needs to spend [just] 100$ once they graduate from the program or at the end of three years.

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Ray Ozzie announces Windows Azure for the Cloud

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Ray Ozzie
Ray Ozzie

At Microsoft’s PDC (Professional Developers Conference) in Los Angeles, Chief Software Architect Ray Ozzie unveiled the company’s much-anticipated cloud computing platform, dubbed Windows Azure.

Windows Azure plays host to the .Net framework, SQL Server, SharePoint, Dynamics CRM, and an offering called Live Services which, according to Ozzie,Chief Architect for Microsoft, will extend Azure services “outward” to connect with locally running Microsoft software. Using this rich environment, developers will be able to build and deploy Web applications and services running on Microsoft’s worldwide infrastructure of datacenters.

Time for Microsoft to Buy Netflix?

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Microsoft isn’t afraid to throw big bucks around to get what it wants. And since the company wants in on the digital media market, at some point it may make sense for Microsoft to splurge and buy Netflix, say analysts especially if the company hopes to effectively compete against Apple and Adobe.

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What is Wiki ?

No Wikipedia is not Wiki. Many people confuse Wikipedia with wiki, but wiki is different from Wikipedia of course both are related to each other in a different way, let me explain this.

Wiki is a web page or web site [group of web pages] where the viewer can edit the contents and save it. Wikipedia is an example , as in Wikipedia you just click edit—> change the contents —> save your changes, as simple as that.Wikipedia is built using a Wiki tool.

So from now on, when you hear someone saying he has a wiki, it means u can change the content in his/her site and save it.