Software Developer’s Helpers

  • If you need to write a most common functionality or utility. plz dont try to start from scratch. there is a very good chance that its implemented in your preferred programming language already by someone and shared in github. try to check github and if found, i usually go with the most starred repository.
  • Github – try learning coding by looking at others code
  • Powershell – i use this all the time to search files, contents inside files, regex file contents in windows
  • Learn a scripting language, if you are from .net or java background, (i use python) –  a general purpose language, it will help to validate ur logic quickly, build utilities
  • Learn regex – will help you to search fast, do complicated searches, both in your app code and in editors
  • Use and Learn vim –  you can script ur editor itself, helps to extract parts of ur file, contents, lines easily using regex
  • Contribute to open source code (in github) even if its small utility – helps to build your profile
  • Try anserwing questions in stackoverflow
  • Read insteresting questions and answers from stackoverflow
  • Read, follow hackernews, reddit, subreddit religiously eg:

Free online Facebook game (ALL ROUNDERZ)

Allrounderz - Online 3D True Social Cricket Game
Allrounderz - Online 3D True Social Cricket Game

ALL ROUNDERZ is an online 3d social Cricket game Developed and Published by iNexGen Games, India. I can sense your enthusiasm for the release date after hearing its a 3D social cricket game, This game is about to release on 19th of March on Facebook with the prominent cricket personalities.

ALL ROUNDERZ allows you to generate your own team and compete with your Facebook friends. The game can be played as four different overs match (5 overs, 10 overs, 15 overs & 20 overs) for instance, if you play against your friend for a 5 over match your friend can chase your score for the same 5 over match, also you get coins and cash for each game u play, and you can buy items from iNexGen store using your cash and coins to crack your game play and to win the matches against your friends.

The beta of this game was launched on 19th of Feb with a former Indian Cricketer and Umpire “Venkatraghavan”. Contest are being based on the ICC world cup 2011, so far 1800 of them have participated in this game contest and some of them also won exciting prizes for winning the contest.

Am eagerly waiting to play this game with my facebook friends, I wish this will be a very big hit among all the online cricket game. If you like to participate in this game visit – Allrounderz group page. – contest & game page.

Indian I.T. Industry losses momentum for the time being :(

Some good articles on the topic

India sees slowdown in IT, call center hires

I.T. Pay takes tiny leaps according to 2008 survey

Every dark cloud has a silver line -As the economic situation is not that good, companies will have low attrition rates as job hops by the employees would be low/minimal, which is a good factor, to appeal, for companies when they try to hassle a new biz deal. As companies try to bring down the cost on I.T. more work would be outsourced to the offshore side , which  is again a good factor for the industry.

Web server and Application server

Web Server

  • A server which accepts request from client and send the response to that client over HTTP protocol is known is Web Server.
  • Serves pages for viewing in a web browser.
  • Handles only http request.
  • Does not provide any functionality beyond simply providing an environment in which the server side program can execute and pass back the generated responses.

Application Server

  • Apps server provides methods that client application can call.
  • Can handle http,ftp,tcp/ip and other protocols too.