Salesforce to partner with Facebook – faceforce

[Source : ZDNet Blogs , ZDNet News]


My friend Erush has his Skype quote as“Friends Are Worth More Than You Could Ever Imagine”. If you believe that the above quote is just a theory , you will change ur belief system atleast on this, when you discover that ur friend/contact in ur facebook friends list can refer you, for a particular position, to their company and automatically your profile will get listed inside the company’s recruiting app, which is built/run using SalesForce. Sounds Amazing ???

Facebook and [ offers online tools for businesses managing their customer relationships] are going to follow Nokia’s motto “Connecting People”. Yes ! Applications running on infrastructure can be presented on Facebook pages.Through this merge there will be significant change on how business gets done in the enterprise and how people interact with each other.

faceforce screenshot
faceforce screenshot

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