Simon’s Tips

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Simon Taufel
Simon Taufel

Simon Taufel tips on umpiring , which can be considered as a self improvement tips in any field, not just umpiring

Always have your own continuous improvement cycle.

Plan (set goals), execute (do), review (self assess / get feedback) and then repeat. repeat, repeat

Umpiring is a team sport and you must help your colleague to have a good game, your performance is judged as a team

Self discipline is paramount – focus on what is important and allow no distractions

Think and behave positively. The world has a habit of creating a path to those who know where they are going

Never stop learning. Nothing great was ever achieved without some setbacks along the way – learn from them

Be a good person first to be a good umpire.

Simon’s sixers

The 37-year-old Taufel has won the ‘ICC Umpire of the Year Award’ every year since its inception

Received the ICC’s ‘Bronze Bails Award’ for umpiring in 100 ODIs. Is the youngest to have reached this landmark.

Has umpired in 51 Tests, 124 ODIs, and 11 T20 games till date

Made his first-class umpiring debut in 1995, aged just 24.

Stood in his first ODI, at 28, on Jan 13 1999 in a match between Australia and Lanka at Sydney

Officiated in his first Test in Dec 2000, the Boxing Day duel between Aus and WI at Melbourne.


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