, in a nutshell, claims to deliver our mails to our mobile phones by using SMS and NOT BY GPRS. My first reaction on hearing this from Dashrath [the guy who did this presentation] was “Awesome dude”. And Ofcourse not only claims this but does it, I have registered my mobile to recieve my gmail messages. And it works great.A brief explanation delivers u email through SMS, does not require GPRS. You can reply/reply to all through SMS too.
No software installation required.
Just register yourself in or send SMS “SIGNUP to +91 9008666233”
+91 9008666233 is a Banglore,India based number and claims that it wont charge any extra amount apart from your normal SMS tariff.
User can recieve 10 free SMS’s per day – Free Package. Other premium services are offered too. claims that it wont store your message in their server for more than 5 mins. uses Airtel’s support to achieve their target.
Primary Business Model of is through advertisements.


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